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Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers, 2010 by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett PhD and Jack Newman MD

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: The Most Comprehensive Problem-Solving Guide to Breastfeeding by Jack Newman MD and Teresa Pitman RN

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, 2010 by Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, & Teresa Pitman

Perinatal Depression

Mothers with perinatal depression experience feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and fatigue that may make it difficult for them to carry out daily tasks, including caring for themselves or others.

How is postpartum depression different from the “baby blues”?
The “baby blues” is a term used to describe mild mood changes and feelings of worry, unhappiness, and exhaustion that many women sometimes experience in the first 2 weeks after having a baby. Babies require around-the-clock care, so it’s normal for mothers to feel tired or overwhelmed sometimes.

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